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カールは2012年に設立したコンサルティング会社、Ryukyu World OfficeのCEOを務めており、ホテル&リゾートに向けたマーケティング、人材並びにオペレーションソリューションを提供しているほか、多数の米軍組織と地元企業間とを繋ぐビジネスの架け橋として活躍しています。





Carl Bastian is the CEO of the Ryukyu World Office Ltd.. a consulting firm since 2012 providing marketing, manpower and operational solutions to Hotels & Resorts as well as being a liaison between numerous military entities & local business.

In 2018 he founded EcoJapan.org which provides business and government environmentally sustainable solutions and Advisory Services while spearheading grass-root movements locally with the aim of increasing awareness about problematic practices.

Inspired by the quote, “Those with the ability to act have a responsibility to take action” and guided by the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) he wakes up every day with a mission to effect positive change in the world by holding industry to higher standards of Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER). 

Carl is a Governor of AMCHAM Okinawa (ACCO), Chairman of the Tourism & Hospitality Committee, and recently appointed Sustainability Committee Chairman while holding memberships in the Australian & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Japan (ANZCCJ) as well as the Yomitan Tourism Association.

A graduate of Osaka Kindai University, recipient of the Rotary Foundation Yoneyama Scholarship, an expat of 20 years from Australia, he has managed, kick-started and owned businesses in Osaka and Tokyo for 10 years and now calls this tropical paradise of Okinawa home.