Community CAUSES 運動

The ECO Club (Environmentally Concsious OISTers) is a group devoted to sustainability, environmental education, and reduces harmful practices such as the use of single use plastics.

An excerpt from the ECO Club’s group page on the OIST website reads “As an international community of scientists, we believe OIST has an inherent responsibility to be an excellent environmental steward and a model for sustainable practices.”

We had an opportunity to speak with members Maggie Mars and Maki Thomas, as well as environmentalist Shawn Miller, about some of their work and are proud to share this conversation with you in the interest of raising awareness.

Learn more about the ECO Club at OIST HERE

We hope by engaging with the scientific community and those most dedicated to the shift toward a more sustainable way of living, we can begin to work on bridging the gap between tourism and local industry, and sustainable business.

ECOクラブ(Environmentally Concsious OISTers)はサスティナビリティに献身、

OISTウェブサイトのECO Clubのグループページからの抜粋では
持続可能な実践のモデルとなる固有の責任を負っていると信じています。」 と書かれています。


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